Thursday, September 12, 2013

One-Touch Conference Calling

Building on its experience of telecom and computer technology, ZipBridge has partnered with TouchTone Communications, a full-service voice and data provider, to deliver a highly unique outbound conference calling service. Powered by TouchTone Communications, ZipBridge provides users the ability to launch a conference call or send a SMS or text message to a group of people simultaneously from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

For a limited time, ZipBridge is offering a free trial at

“There is no conference bridge number to call into. At the touch of a button and from the convenience of any device, ZipBridge calls everyone in the group for you. It’s that easy,” said Leidy Smith, President of ZipBridge. “

ZipBridge not only provides a way to make conference calls quickly and easily, but allows users to communicate instantly in case of an emergency.”

As part of the partnership, ZipBridge will co-locate its servers to TouchTone’s geographically diverse data centers and exclusively utilize TouchTone’s carrier network for call completion. ZipBridge will continue to provide its own billing, while TouchTone will provide all the network services.

The inspiration for ZipBridge came after a conversation the company’s president had with a college IT director whose biggest frustration was trying to get key people on the phone right away during an emergency.

“We searched for a conference calling service that called the parties rather than the other way around, but couldn’t find one. So we built one ourselves,” said Smith.

TouchTone will offer ZipBridge outbound conferencing solutions to customers through its network of authorized agents, who are located throughout the United States.

“At TouchTone, we continually strive to bring our agents differentiated service offerings that can solve problems for their clients. ZipBridge is an excellent example of that because it offers a better and easier way to do something most of our end-user clients do every day – make and host conference calls,” said Pino Bio, President of TouchTone Communications.

About the partnership, Smith shared, “We are very excited to be working so closely with a carrier with the depth and resources of TouchTone. This partnership will help launch ZipBridge in the commercial market while solidifying our position in the Disaster Recovery market by giving us a geographically diverse serving infrastructure.”

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