Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Answering the Need for Short Duration & Dialer Termination

girl on headset Outbound call centers, specifically those using IVRs, predictive dialers, auto dialers, voice broadcasting, or robocalls require a long distance service provider that not only provides quality and low cost voice service, but without short duration penalties. These types of call centers can average thousands, if not millions, of minutes in traffic each month. Choosing the wrong long distance service provider can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars each month.

If you are a business customer, such as a credit card company, pharmacy or political  organization, that  automates their calls, you require a service provider that can answer the need for short duration and dialer termination.

At TouchTone, we understand that not every customer is created equal. That is why our call center services are customized to fit each individual customer's needs. Choose your platform, carrier, or connect directly to TouchTone's switch. You can count on TouchTone to deliver consistent, quality voice termination for your demanding call center needs.

Call Center/Short Duration Voice Termination
• Flat rate or NPA/NXX billing available
• No short duration penalties or surcharges for incomplete calls

• Tier 1/multi-carrier network options  
• High ASR
• High CPS capability
• 6/6 second billing
• No volume commitments 
• POI billing available
• 24/7 in-house NOC support
• International dialer termination

• Toll-free numbers available

Call center rates and more information

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