Thursday, June 27, 2013

Small Business, Big Dreams: Business VoIP To The Rescue!

Whether you're a local gas station, salon, car mechanic or any other small business entity, there are many clever ways to aid your business to success. Start here by trying TouchTone's Business VoIP phone system. This phone system provides many useful features that puts businesses like yours on the road to bigger success.
Why is TouchTone's Business VoIP phone service the right choice for you?
  • Worry free hassle!- TouchTone's Business VoIP provides you with a complete phone system, including enterprise-class IP phones, unlimited calling and 24/7 Web Portal Access. You don't have to worry about wasting your precious time in setting up phones, we've got you covered! TouchTone manages and hosts everything for you.
  • Auto Attendant- Let's say a customer calls your number. It can be answered either by you, a receptionist automated greeting. The automated greeting feature gives your customers freedom to specify their call concern. The Auto Attendant can direct the caller to sales, customer service or any other specific department simply by pressing a number. This feature would give your customers confidence in that your business is "legit" and that you have many departments; when in reality, there could only be one person answering all the phone calls for each department...and voilĂ , your so-called "small business" isn't so small anymore. This feature gives your customers and callers the idea that your much bigger than a small company.
  • Call Transfer- This feature allows users to transfer calls to someone else; like another extension, an outside line or a cell phone number.
  • Mobile Office- Don't lose some customers simply because you're away from your office location! Every customer counts for a small business on the path to a bigger dream! That's why with the Mobile Office feature, your calls follow you wherever you go. You can choose to have incoming calls forwarded to your cell phone, your assistant or even another landline. Your customers want to know that they will be taken care of whenever they call.

Apart from the features listed above for TouchTone's Business VoIP phone system, there are over 20 useful and powerful calling features included for free with the phone system!
It's all about the idea and impression you give your customers. You know you're a good business that provides well; but it's the brutal reality that many customers are attracted to a "big-time" business. In order for you to get a head-start in your business, customer service is crucial! Your customers are what will decide the direction your business will take; and let's hope it's a positive direction with TouchTone's Business VoIP phone system.  

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