Thursday, July 18, 2013

Host Meetings With An Easier Alternative!

It's time you put your business in high-tech mode! Let go of the old-school business habits, and take advantage of today's technology to help your business run more effectively. You might be wondering how.

Every business conducts meetings - they could be with employees, clients and/or vendors. Traditionally, these meetings would happen in a meeting room or someone's office; but what if you can take conferencing to a whole new level?

Audio and web conferencing service allows you to conduct meetings anytime, anywhere and with anyone (no matter where they are located!)

It's a SIMPLE and EASY process (probably two of your favorite words!) You can choose audio conference only, or web and audio conferencing combined to host a live interactive meeting.

With audio conferencing you receive a permanent dial-in number, conference code and pin which you can use at anytime. The features include:
  • Record and playback
  • Project codes for bill back
  • Toll-free dial-in
  • Operator assistance
  • Direct Event - this includes passcode expedited call entry, separate dial-in numbers, optional call registration and call customization.
Web conferencing combines audio, web and video. The features include:
  • Host a live meeting
  • Create and show multi-media presentation
  • Interactively train employees, partners and customers
  • Deliver cost effective events
  • Use web conferencing as a support center to view, diagnose or solve customer problems online.
Kick up your feet and relax as you conduct meetings with your staff members, customers and vendors from the convenience of your home, office or even your car! Conference with one person or a group, it's your choice. The opportunities are endless.

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