Thursday, April 3, 2014

Expand Your Customer Base to Include IVR Solution Providers

If you haven't already included IVR service and software providers to your customer demographic, it's time you expanded into this very lucrative market. Depending on their size, IVRs can average thousands, if not millions, of minutes in traffic each month. If you know of any IVR companies in your area, call or e-mail them to see if they need a (new) long distance service provider. And if you don't know of any, the Internet is a good place to find some.
Polycom VVX 500 Business Media VoIP Phone 
So what's an IVR?
An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows a computer to automate interactions with telephone callers through the use of voice and touch-tone telephone keypad entry. Many business and enterprise customers (such as credit card companies, pharmacies, call centers and political campaigns) are using IVR applications to help cut costs and help improve customer sales and support. They provide the technology, but require a reliable service provider to deliver quality, low-cost voice services.

TouchTone Communications customer, New York-based Dial Global, is a full-service radio network that produces and distributes radio programming to more than 6,000 stations in the U.S. One of their services, Radio Voodoo (an IVR system), answers phones for radio stations and makes it possible to use caller recordings in station programming. Dial Global provides the technology, and TouchTone provides the toll-free and DID termination.

"Radio Voodoo is a service that specializes in allowing radio stations to have their phones answered by an IVR. Stations then use the audio left by listeners during radio shows or in promotional announcements. Radio Voodoo has partnered with TouchTone as a provider of toll free origination and DID termination. As you can imagine, radio station traffic has great highs during contesting and sometimes great lows depending on market size. TouchTone has been able to balance the sometimes huge spikes from stations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles while servicing the smaller stations in Lubbock, TX, Massena NY and St. Joseph, MO. The best part about working with TouchTone has to be the customer service. At Radio Voodoo, so much of our success has been the team at TouchTone coming up with creative ways to find solutions to our problems. They are energized, engaged, and do not rest until we arrive at a solution. TouchTone is very much a part of the team that has made Radio Voodoo a must have for radio stations across the country."

~ Dee Perkins, Distribution Sales Manager
   Dial Global

TouchTone provides quality, low-cost in-bound (local and toll-free) and outbound calling to IVR service and software providers. To learn more email

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