Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How can an Auto Attendant help your business?

The benefits of an auto attendant.

An auto attendant acts like a virtual assistant and replaces the need for an actual receptionist or operator. An auto attendant automatically greets callers and directs them to the right person or department by simply pressing a button.

For example: for Sales, press 1; for Support, press 2; to dial by name, press 3.

It can make any size business look bigger and sound more professional overnight.  It is one of the many powerful calling features offered by Business VoIP phone service.

Customize your auto attendant to suite your needs. You can set up your auto attendant with the following options:

-    Dial by name directory
-    Dial by extension directory
-    Transfer to user
-    Transfer to a user’s voicemail
-    Transfer to another Auto Attendant

You can set up multiple auto attendants, including an auto attendant for employees.

For example:

To speak with John, press 1.

Once the call is transferred, a second auto attendant can be set up with additional options.

To leave a message, press 1; to reach me on my cell, press 2; to speak with someone in Support immediately, press 3.

Benefits of an Auto Attendant:

-    Look bigger and sound more professional
-    Replace the receptionist and/or operator
-    Route calls efficiently and effectively
-    Customize (set up separate auto attendants for business hours, after hours, and holidays)
-    Record directly from your phone or upload a pre-recorded greeting

To learn more about TouchTone’s Business VoIP phone service, visit http://www.touchtone.net/business-phone-service.html.

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